Dor travels through a decade of intimate photography. For the past thirteen years, I have photographed my family's daily life. This constitutes an archive of more than 40,000 photographs sorted and classified in 150 albums, one per month. This journal documents obsessively, day after day, year after year, my children's growth and mine as a woman. This work is not finished. Yet something is changing. Their bodies, my eyes, our wishes.

I decided to investigate this mutation, to take a look back at this work, by re photographing my own photographs."Dor" is a view of that intimate archive which is in itself a subject well beyond its subject (two children growing up), which narrates a photographic obsession, the story of a glance, the story of a detachment, which is both pain and desire.

published by Yogurt editions, autumn 2021

150 copies
142 pages on Fedrigoni Arena Natural Rough 120gr
25 cm x 19,5 cm

on sale online
at the Paper Room (Rome),
alla Libreria Stendhal (Rome),
à la Nouvelle chambre claire (Paris)

30 euros